Sunday, October 21, 2018

Possible Video Deletion Event

For the record: I am 99% certain every YouTube video linked to from before this post were all removed. "99% certain" applies to the number of videos. Every YouTube video is now back up.

Another possible scenerio: YouTube had a serious outage that coincidentally hit every video I linked to. While I was discovering every video linked to were removed, I obviously checked if other videos were working on Youtube. YouTube was functioning, with plenty videos working just fine.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Some of the best I've seen to date

My Brother's Keeper is available on Netflix Streaming

Defeating HID Access Systems

Software Tool For Eavesdropping on Computer Monitors

This 3D representation of our section of the universe got me thinking about a universe with infinite time. (start at 1:08)

Neural Network 3D Simulation

Video: Asteroid Discovery - 1970-2015 - 8K resolution

Black Hole Compared to Our Galaxy


Immediately after a section of Life Story on Netflix Streaming, where Barnacle Geese parents guide their kids off a 400 foot cliff in Orsted Del Valley, Greenland, and you watch the kids hit rocks all the way to the bottom, there is a section about a mother humpback and her kid.

There's whale communication, that I'm assuming is between mother and kid with intonation that sounds human. It sound like the mother says "Do you want..." 3 times and then the kid responds "Moooooom" in a tone of disapproval.

Life Story, Ep 1

35:13 : Humpback mother and kid section begins
34:20 Mother: "Do you want...?"
34:13 Mother"Do you want...?"
34:01 Mother "Do you want...?"
33:58 Kid "[elongated] Mom" with intonation of "no"

There's a language in tone, and I wonder how many tone commonalities there are between species.


Time Lapse Heat Map Of United States Elections, 1920-2008

Universe Simulation

Universe Simulation

Cosmography of the Local Universe

After 2008 Recession: We Buy Half The Gasoline We Used To

To Scale: The Solar System

Google Earth: Time Lapse